Event: Practice Perfect’s 2016 ASHA Convention Recap

This past week, Practice Perfect made an appearance at the 2016 ASHA Convention. Since we were sponsoring the event, we decided to reserve a space for big double booth and make our presence known. And it’s a good thing that we did because this year’s convention drew record breaking numbers.


“More that 16,000 people were there,” recalled Michelle, Practice Perfect’s Marketing Coordinator. “At one point, the event organizers got on the PA system to announce that we’d smashed all of the previous years’ attendance records.”


Aside from the sheer number of people there, this three-day event had a bunch of treats in store for visitors. Among them were the delicious treats themselves! The event organizers spared no expense when it came to keeping their guests fed. Furthermore, there were a number of seminars and activities taking place in and around the convention, so there was no shortage of things to do.


All in all, it was an honour to be a part of this historical event, in a city that’s as historical as America itself.


Fun Fact: Did you know that Philadelphia is the birthplace of the Monopoly board game? In fact, many businesses in Philadelphia are named after locations in the board.


If you’re interested in seeing some photos from our latest adventure, click here to check out our Facebook page.