FAQ’s About Practice Perfect’s Response to COVID-19

Current events have led to a number of questions coming into our support department regarding clinic operations during this crisis.


Many of you are modifying your operations, limiting contact with patients, working from home and perhaps turning to Telemedicine along with a host of other options. The questions coming to us have mostly been related to these topics, and are as follows:



Q:     How can I do about contacting all of my clients through text or email?


A:      For information on how to email all of your clients, please click here.


We also do offer our two-way automated texting service, The Wired Client, that can be used for any sort of patient communication campaigns. As always, this is available to any new user for the first 60 days at no charge (includes 3000 text segments) and can be cancelled at any time. Please contact [email protected] for more information.



Q:     Can I access Practice Perfect remotely?


A:      Yes, but this does need to be setup initially if not already done. There are two options:


First, access (in most cases) can be setup allowing you to operate Practice Perfect offsite connected to your data stored at the clinic. There is no additional charge for this service. For those of you that believe remote access has already been setup, please verify that it is operational as soon as possible.


Second, we do offer a hosting service in which your data can be moved to the ‘cloud’ in which case you are not dependant upon your main computer at the clinic being operational. Remote access is then setup as described above. If we host, we also perform all of your backups. There is a cost for this service since we do incur storage and backup fees, a flat rate of $70.00 per month regardless of users or data size.



Q:     How can Practice Perfect help us with providing Telemedicine?


A:      Please click here for more information regarding Telemedicine.



As mentioned earlier, all of our support and development staff already operate from their own remote locations. Our administrative staff is also now working remotely and, as a result, services will continue as normal.


If you have any questions about this information, please do not hesitate to contact our support department at either (877) 510-7473 or via email at [email protected].


Thanks again for your support and we wish good health to everyone during this period – and beyond.

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