Heather’s Continued Education Sessions: A Crash Course on Practice Perfect

There’s a lot of information to digest when you’re completing your initial training sessions. Sometimes there’s a feature or six that will fly right over your head.  So after using Practice Perfect for a little while, you might find yourself thinking, “Gee. I wish I could retake my training sessions knowing everything I know now.” This is where Heather’s Continued Education Sessions come in.


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Heather is Practice Perfect’s Director of Implementation Solutions.  When you are a brand new client, there’s a good chance it will be Heather showing you the ropes. And because of all of the recent requests for retraining, she’s put together an ongoing series called Webinar Wednesdays.


Over the past several weeks, Heather has invited our clients to attend webinars where she provides a crash course on Practice Perfect. Instead of simply rehashing the initial training sessions, Heather will also do a Q&A with attendees where they can chat with Heather about the topics covered in their session.


If you weren’t able to make it to the live session, that’s alright–they’ve all be recorded and uploaded to YouTube! You can view them all below. We’ve divided them into Canadian and American versions for your convenience:


Canadian Training Sessions:


Front Desk Tutorial :



EMR and Documentation Tutorial:



Billing and Reporting Tutorial:



American Training Sessions:


Setup Tutorial :



EMR and Documentation Tutorial:



Billing and Reporting Tutorial:



Make sure you stay tuned to our blog, newsletters, and social media for dates and more information about upcoming webinars.

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