How EMR Software Helps You Spend More Time Treating Patients – Part 1

These days, rehabilitation therapists have a number of tools at their disposal to help them treat patients as efficiently as possible. The efficiency of a clinic can be determined by two things: the number of patients they’re able to treat, and the effectiveness of their treatment.  That said, your choice of EMR software has an effect on this. In Part 1 of this series, we’re going to start by discussing how it can be leveraged to enable spend more time treating patients.


Easy Clinical Documentation


As mentioned above, your EMR software can help you spend more time treating patients. One way of doing this is by making it easier to complete your clinical documentation. Allow me to provide you with an example:


Let’s say that you’re seeing a patient for their regularly scheduled motion exercise appointment. You’re required to complete a progress note (SOAP note) for them. There may not be many difference between this one and the previous, but still, you’re required to complete the documentation. Recording all of this by hand takes a significant amount of time.


Now imagine that your entire previous SOAP note is automatically brought forward. This feature has saved our users huge amounts of time in cases where progress notes only require minor changes.


Little enhancements like these enable providers to spend more time treating patients, by reducing the amount of time spent on monotonous tasks.


Easy Appointment Scheduling


EMR software has improved the way clinics are scheduling appointments. Not only does the ‘Scheduler’ block out times in your therapists’ schedules, but it also allows you to include some key details about the appointment.


For example, appointment cells in Practice Perfect can be used to tell you if there’s money to collect from a patient, what their appointment status is, and if they’ve been double-booked. Furthermore, the ‘Scheduler’ gives you access to the ‘Key Patient Information’ section, which will give you precise details about a patient’s remaining coverage.


Easy appointment scheduling helps give you more time to spend treating patients by saving you the trouble of looking up their details prominently displaying them on your screen.


Easy Reporting


Successful business people all have one thing in common; they know their businesses’s numbers intimately. But crunching the numbers takes a lot of time. And you might not have been schooled in finance, so you might not know what the numbers mean.


Depending on your choice of EMR software, it may include integrated reports. The reports in Practice Perfect are designed to provide you with key operational data about your clinic, based on the information that you’ve entered in the system.


Click here to read about how reporting lends itself to practice growth.


That said, easily being able to generate reports using your EMR software will provide you with key information that will enable you to treat patients more effectively. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we dig deeper into how EMR software helps you spend more time treating patients.

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