How Reporting Leads to Practice Growth

In addition to Practice Perfect’s billing, scheduling, and documentation features, there are also a number of ways for users to focus on practice growth. It all comes down to your ability to keep track of key operational data. But manually compiling this data is not feasible for a busy therapist. Fortunately, we’ve designed a number of reports that are intended to provide you with this data on demand. In this article, we’ll be discussing how reporting leads to practice growth. More specifically, we’ll be talking about the different types of reporting you should be running, and why.


Financial Reports


As a therapist, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your patients receive the best treatment possible. But as a clinic owner, you need to be certain that your clinic is making enough money to keep its doors open. And the key to running a successful business is keeping a finger on the pulse of its financial health. In order to do so, you must be running reports that will give you a clear indication of how things are going.


The ‘Accounts Receivable by Invoice’ report will highlight any outstanding invoices and claims. You can further specify by patient, payor, or time period.


The ‘Unbilled Services’ report will provide you with a full list of treatment or service charges that have been entered, yet have not been posted to invoices. This helps ensure that money owed for treatments or services rendered will not slip through the cracks.


Marketing Reports


Practice Perfect is capable of helping clinics fill their calendar. Oftentimes, this is achieved through marketing efforts. But the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is ultimately determined by the data that you’re able to collect about your target audience. Our integrated marketing reports were designed to help you do just that.


The ‘Client Listing’ report provides you with a complete list of all the clients in your system. The options in this report can be toggled to include certain pieces of information, such as email addresses. And it’s particularly helpful to have these email address on hand so that you’re ready to send out email blasts when the need arises.


Click here to learn more about how to export a full list of your clients.


The ‘Referrals’ report will let you know exactly where your patients are coming from, provided you entered that data in their ‘Client Profile’. Conversely, the ‘Referral Trend’ report will help you identify any underperforming referral sources.


Operations Reports


As a practice management software, our system is able to help clinics streamline their operations and ensure that everything runs smoothly. We’re able to do this by providing users with a number of canned reports that assist with operations.


The ‘Daily Reconciliation’ report provides you with a recap of all key statistics within a certain date range. For example, you can see revenue, attendance statistics, and warnings about any potential missing information (i.e. unbilled treatment or service charges).


The ‘Revenue’ report provides you with a comprehensive overview of all the money made by your clinic within a specified date range. This can give your clinic a clear indication of whether or not they’re making any money.


For those who are using Practice Perfect to keep track of their therapist’s compensation, you can run the ‘Compensation’ report get a detailed account of what each therapist is owed.


Remember: practice growth is one of Practice Perfect’s core features, and its enabled by regularly running reports. For more information about reports you should be running regularly, contact the support department today.

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