How to Pick the Right Medical Billing Software

Medical billing software enables private practice clinics to submit their claims directly to clearinghouses. While this might strike you as a rudimentary function, you’d be surprised to see how many EMR software packages don’t offer this crucial feature. In this article, we’ll provide you with some important questions you need to ask when searching for the right medical billing software.


Does it include client profiles?


Client profiles belong in every medical billing software software. They house important contact information, demographic information, and details regarding the coverage allotted by their insurance carrier(s).


When choosing a medical billing software, be sure to choose one that allows you to create profiles for each of your clients.


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Is there any help and support staff?


Learning a new software isn’t necessarily an easy task, and this can be even more challenging when you’re learning how to make full use of a robust clinical management software like Practice Perfect EMR. This is why we staff a number of highly skilled individuals whose sole purpose is to teach you how to use our software, and help you over any hurdles you encounter along the way.


When choosing a medical billing software, look for one that has a support department who’s ready and able to address your concerns.


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Can you use it to submit claims and process remittances?


Medical billing is a difficult subject for even the most veteran healthcare practitioners. Individuals who work in the industry are familiar with the fact that different insurance carriers have different requirements for claims submissions and remittances. For instance, American clinics are able to use Practice Perfect to process their ERA’s when they’re received from their clearinghouse.


When searching for a new medical billing software, choose one that will allow you to easily submit claims and process remittance files.


To see how ERA’s are processed in Practice Perfect, check out the video below: