MIPS in 2019 for Physical Therapists: All About the MIPS Quality Category & Quality Measures — Part 2

Welcome back Practice Perfect EMR users!  Today Patient360 dives into the MIPS Quality Category for Therapists – worth a whopping 85% of the PTs total MIPS score in 2019.


MIPS Category Promoting Interoperability (PI) has been excluded for PTs in 2019, so Physical Therapists are exempt from this category.  The Quality Category will be reweighted from 45% to 85% to make up for this exclusion.  This means the MIPS Quality Category is extremely important to your overall MIPS score!


Which Quality Measures should I be tracking?


MIPS is a program where knowing the measures that best fit your specialty will serve you in the long run when it comes to your scores.


Do we expect you to report on a measure that doesn’t pertain to your patients and workflow? Or a measure that does not include billing codes used by Therapists? No.  And we also don’t expect you to weed through the more than 200 MIPS CQMs available in 2019 either.


The list below is a pared down list of recommended quality measures geared to the Physical Therapists and all of them are available through Patient360.  These should look familiar for those of you who participated in PQRS – and all of these measures are included in the Practice Perfect & Patient360 Integration making it easy for you to report to the Patient360 registry and review your MIPS performance.



A couple things to remember


  1. Federal Statute requires you submit on 6 quality measures total (can be more, but at least 6) and that one needs to be an outcome (or high- priority if no outcome measures apply to your TIN).
  2. For each of the 6 measures, report at least 60% of your patients (all payers to be included in this mix, not just Medicare).
  3. Try to pick measures where you can report robust amounts of data and where you can track your improvement over time.

Pick your quality measures from the list above, or if you have others you want that may NOT be on our list, talk to us!  As long as the measure is a CMS approved clinical quality measures (CQMs) and you have more than 20 denominator eligible instances for the year, you can use it, and we may be able to add the measure to the integration between Patient360 and Practice Perfect!  You can search for 2019 measures in the Patient360  portal or here as well: https://qpp.cms.gov/mips/explore-measures/quality-measures?py=2019#measures


Questions?  We are here to help!  email us at [email protected]  / [email protected]

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