Our Add-ons: Maximizing Your Experience

At Practice Perfect, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer clinicians a product that includes everything they need to manage their practice. We’re more than a clinical billing software; Practice Perfect includes client records, electronic scheduling, and integrated claims submissions, too. But, we recognize the importance of being versatile and see value in going above and beyond our clients’ needs. This is why we offer some additional services designed to enhance the Practice Perfect experience. We call these services “Add-ons” and you can learn more about them below:



ReminderCall allows you to send automated appointment reminders, texts, and emails directly from Practice Perfect. All new clients receive a free 1-month trial of ReminderCall.


Physiotec is a comprehensive home exercise program that provides clinics with access to a library of instructional videos to aid in the rehabilitation process. All new clients receive a free 2-month subscription to Physiotec.


XCharge is an electronic billing service that allows Practice Perfect users to process credit and debit card payments for products and services from within Practice Perfect.


Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO) is an integrated functional reporting tool that gives providers a better way to track and assess a patients’ recovery progress.

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