The Benefits of Using an EMR Billing Software

When EMR software was in its infancy, client profiles and clinical documentation sufficed. But now that EMR software has reached maturity, we’ve come to expect a lot more out of it.


We’ve seen clinicians from almost every discipline use their EMR for everything from appointment scheduling to marketing their practice. More recently, we’ve witnessed them create online patient portals where clients can book their own appointments. And we’ve even seen them record progress notes on their iPads. But of all the recent advancements in EMR technology, the one that I’ll be addressing in this article is electronic billing capabilities of your EMR software.


Now, when you need to check if there are any outstanding payments, you can just consult your EMR. When you’re not sure whether or not a client has paid already and avoid double entry, you can just consult your EMR. And when you need to know exactly how much money your clinic has made at the end of the day, you can just consult your EMR. Clinical billing software like Practice Perfect makes managing your cashflow a breeze.


EMRs are going the extra mile for payors now, too. EMR billing software excels at storing all of the data relevant to a patients’ claim and feeding it to you when you need it most. For example, when your patients’ coverage plans vary and you to track funding maximums, your EMR software will actually issue a warning before you attempt to schedule further treatments.


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Perhaps the most significant advancement in EMR billing software is its ability to work with third-party applications and web-based systems. The industry folks have coined the term “interoperability.”



Many of our American clients are currently using Practice Perfect to submit their claims to clearing houses like Office Ally. Likewise, our Canadian clients are using Practice Perfect to submit online claims to regional payors like OHIP and BC Teleplan. It’s safe to say that being able to bill directly through their EMR has spared the staff from having to re-enter data into two separate systems while saving them countless hours in the process.


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