Practice Perfect and TELUS Health eClaims: Making Billing Easier

Practice Perfect comes chock full of features that are designed to make your life running a clinic a little bit easier. One of those features comes in the form of our TELUS Health eClaims integration.


In essence, the TELUS Health eClaims integration enables clinics to facilitate their patients eClaims from directly within the Practice Perfect. This tends to work very well since the clinics don’t have to waste any time with double-entry. And it’s awesome for the patients since they don’t have to pay for the full cost of treatment upfront. The fact that TELUS Health works with an array of Canada’s largest insurance carriers is definitely a bonus.


We’ve put together a few tutorial videos detailing how the TELUS Health integration works—and you can watch them below. But the most important thing to note is that your facility needs to be registered with TELUS Health before you can begin using this integration.


To register your facility for TELUS Health eClaims, please click here to visit their website and learn more.


Each tutorial video covers a different aspect of the eClaims process. To start, you must first link your Practice Perfect account to eClaims. From there, the client profile must be setup in a particular way. And last but not least, we’ll walk you through how to actually submit your claims to TELUS Health.





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