The Future of Practice Management Software

Steve Presement, Founder and President of Practice Perfect EMR, was recently featured in an article posted by PT Products Online. In it, the author asked a handful of industry insiders what they think the next wave of EMR software has in store for PTs, OTs, and SLPs around the world. In this article, we’ll be discussing what the future has in store for EMR software.


More Automation


The proliferation of information technology in healthcare has drastically changed the way clinicians are running their practices. For example, in the past, you might’ve had to mark your calendar after a patient received an assessment just so you could remember that you have to follow up with them. But with today’s EMR software, this can be automated. Whether you’re reminding your office administrator’s to make the follow up call, or you’re allowing a service like ReminderCall to do it for you, automation has the potential to free up your staff’s time and enable them to focus on important things like patient engagement and revenue  generating opportunities.


More Patient Involvement


For most therapists, increasing patient involvement is one of their main priorities. They’re concerned with how they can successfully connect with patients inside, and outside, of the clinic. Steve has interesting ideas about how EMR software will enable them to connect with patients at home in the future:


“Patients [will be] able to enter their own information online prior to a clinic visit, fill out paperwork and medical history online, self-book, examine their own accounts, and pay their bills from home.”


Steve believes that more patient involvement has the potential to dramatically increase staff’s time to focus on more involved tasks. Just imagine your clinical staff reviewing a patient’s history before they even set foot in your practice.


More Integration


As EMR software continues to evolve, we will continue to see more and more integration with third party applications. We’re very wary of double-entry and we take every opportunity to minimize it. One way we do this is by adding various integrations to the software.


For example, many Canadian clinics are required to submit their claims to TELUS Health. However, doing this required them to enter the same information twice: Once in Practice Perfect, and once in TELUS Health’s Provider Portal. But with the aid of integration, users only have to enter that information into Practice Perfect once and submit it to TELUS Health with the click of a button.


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