Tips and Tricks: Can You Use Practice Perfect On Your iPad, Tablet, or Macbook?

The Tips and Tricks series provides users with some novel ways for making the most of Practice Perfect, and our services.


As a busy therapist squeezing as many appointments as possible into your day, you’re probably accustomed to running in and out of the gym, treatment rooms, and patient homes all of the time. This can make lugging around a laptop an onerous task—especially when you only need to check your schedule or complete your notes. Surely there’s an easier way to do things. And it raises the question: do you always need a Windows-based computer to run Practice Perfect , or can you use Practice Perfect on an iPad or tablet?


The Practice Perfect Web App enables users to access their scheduler, clinical documents, and client profiles from any internet-enabled device. This means that all you need is an active internet connection and an internet browser (such as Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox) to login to Practice Perfect and complete your clinical documentation on your iPad or tablet.


Click here to learn more about how we’re working out the kinks in the Practice Perfect Web App. 


The Practice Perfect Web App actively communicates with the desktop version of the software. Whenever you complete your notes in the Web App, they’re automatically sent to the server where they can be accessed from any physical location, at any given time.


Hint: Have you ever heard of a Microsoft Surface Pro? It’s basically a Windows computer in the form of a table. You can install the full version of Practice Perfect on one of these devices.


If you’re interested in enabling the Web App today so that you can begin using, just contact the support department. There are no additional fees for enabling this feature and it is included as part of your monthly subscription.

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