Tips and Tricks: Using Practice Perfect EMR to Manage Your HCAI Claims (OCF 18 and OCF 23)

In our Tips and Tricks series, we provide readers with novel ideas for making the most of their Practice Perfect experience. Please note that this article contains information that is only relevant to Canadian clinics. 


If there’s one that we have a lot of in Ontario, it’s cars. Let’s take last year for example—there were more than 12 million cars registered for road use throughout the province. And of those 12 million cars, nearly 500,000 travel along the 401 every single day. It’s widely regarded as the busiest stretch of highway in North America. So naturally, there’s going to be the odd fender bender. But this is why we’re all required to have car insurance. We can take comfort in knowing that if something does happen, there’s a process laid out by the Ontario government and the Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) initiative for ensuring that we receive the care we need to get back to 100 %.


HCAI claims are typically facilitated by outpatient rehabilitation clinics. These clinics will handle everything including the initial evaluation, establishing a plan of care, and performing all of the treatments prescribed by that plan of care. And when it comes time to submit those claims to HCAI for reimbursement, they do so in the form of an OCF 18 or an OCF 23.


Watch our HCAI tutorial videos here. 


The OCF 18 and the OCF 23 are designed to document different aspects of the treatment. For instance, the aim of the OCF 18 is to give a detailed analysis for the patient’s injury, their rehabilitative goals, and the treatments that will help them reach said goals. The OCF 23, on the other hand, is much simpler. It serves to document the specific treatment that took place during a visit. But both of these forms play an important role in ensuring that the patient receives the treatment they need.


Another important part of the OCF 18 and OCF 23 is the coverage section. This is where the clinic is required to enter information about the patient’s insurance coverage, as it’s unlikely that they’ll be footing the bill themselves.


Hint: Did you know that Practice Perfect offers ways to track your patients’ remaining coverage? Click here to watch our tutorial about the client profile, and how you can track remaining coverage.


So if you’re from an Ontario clinic that’s regularly treating MVA patients, and your claims are being funnelled through HCAI, contact the support department to learn more about how Practice Perfect can help you simplify the process by seamlessly producing and submitting your OCF 18 and OCF 23 forms.

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