Webinars: Watch the Wired Client Webinar Today!

Without further ado, we’re proud to present the Wired Client. By watching this webinar, you’ll not only get to see how the platform works, but also our reason behind creating this innovative patient engagement tool.


The fact is, clinics need a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. And in today’s climate, this is best achieved by building relationships between your clinic, your providers, and your clients. But for a busy clinic, it isn’t always easy to give your clients the personal attention that they need in order for those relationships to flourish–which is why we created the Wired Client.


By using this app, you can assign groups of text messages to your patients to be sent automatically on key dates. For example,  you can send birthday greetings to your patients without lifting a finger. Likewise, you can wish them a Happy New Year or send them other holiday greetings much in the same way. But the app can be used for even more than mere greetings. If a patient replies to your message, their text message is sent direct to the Wired Client.


If a patient is visiting your facility for the first time, you can setup the Wired Client to autoamiatically send them a text message at the end of their first treatment day. The message can say something like: “Hi [patient name]! Thank you for visiting ABC Therapy today. We look forward to helping you with your recovery. Should you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to text us a this number.” And it doesn’t have to stop there–you can also create a message that’ll follow up with the patient on their fifth treatment, and another one that’ll send them a congratulatory message when they’ve been discharged.


One of our favourite triggers is the patient fall-off trigger. If a patient has committed to a plan of care, and they haven’t scheduled an appointment in a certain number of weeks, they will automatically receive a text message checking in on them–and if you’re using our FREE client self-booking app, you can even send them a link to a website where they can schedule an appointment!


To see how it all works, check out the webinar below:


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