Why Clinics Choose an EMR with Customized Documentation

Customized documentation is one of Practice Perfect EMR’s greatest strengths. In fact, we believe that giving practitioners control over their clinical documentation is integral to any practice management system worth its salt. In this article, we’ll take a look at why customized documentation is so important to outpatient rehabilitation clinics, and why they’re more likely to choose a practice management system that offers customized documentation.


Everyone has their own style


Have you ever heard the phrase “one-size-fits-all”? That might be true about toques, but it definitely doesn’t apply to clinical documentation.


Every clinic has their own way of doing their evaluations, re-evaluations, progress notes, and discharges summaries. Even if two clinics are providing very similar services, their documentation of the treatment can be dramatically different. Certain formats, like that of SOAP notes, can be more standard, but the same cannot be said for something like an initial evaluation or an intake form. So if you’re trying to devise a “one-size-fits-all” documentation template, you’ve got a challenge ahead of you!


Customized documentation means less double-entry


One of the great things about integrating customized documents with your EMR is the ability to pull existing information for the client record. For example, if you’ve already entered a diagnosis code on a particular patient’s record, then you shouldn’t need to type out that same diagnosis code every time you do your documentation. And when you’re using Practice Perfect EMR, you don’t have to.


Click here to watch our tutorial video for integrated Microsoft Word Documents. 


They can be edited and updated very easily


Being able to edit your customized documents on the fly is a boon to any forward-thinking practice. Sometimes the requirements for your documentation can change due to some new regulatory rules. Or, something might’ve changed internally and you want to begin taking a new measurement during your evaluations. Either way, you need a way to easily update your document to reflect those new changes.


They belong to you!


The best part about customized documents is that they belong to you. That idea extends to Practice Perfect as a whole. Since Practice Perfect is a locally-installed app, you own your data—and by extension, you own all of your customized documents, too.


Check out our videos about how to use Practice Perfect’s ‘Customized Documents’ below: