Top 5 Questions: Are There Upfront Training or Set-up Costs?

When potential clients inquire about our services, they often ask about whether or not there are any up-front costs for training or support. Apparently many of the EMR software vendors that they’ve spoken to will charge them a separate fee for training. Furthermore, they’ll charge them every time they require the assistance of their customer support representatives—talk about a raw deal.


Have you ever looked at membership rates for a software vendor and been confused by their tiered packages? They may have dressed them up as the ‘Basic’, ‘Pro’, and ‘Executive’ packages, or perhaps the ever popular ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’, and ‘Gold’ tiers. But no matter what they’re calling them, the principle remains the same; they want to make more money off of you. We don’t necessarily agree with that model.


At Practice Perfect, we’re more interested in developing a long-term relationship with you than taking your money upfront. After all, learning a new software presents its own set of challenges; you shouldn’t have to worry about incurring any surprise fees in the process.


Rest assured that when you sign up for Practice Perfect, you won’t ever be charged for your initial training, and you won’t ever be charged if you require the assistance of one of our client success representatives after the fact. We’ve even gone as far as to create a separate section on our website called the ‘Accelerated Learning Center’ which features a collection of tutorial videos designed to guide you through the initial training process.


Click here to access the ‘Accelerated Learning Center’.


To view a short video discussing up-front training and support costs, see below:


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