What is Covered in EMR Software Training?

Learning a new software is tough. It’s even tougher when the software you’re learning deals with complicated subjects like clinical documentation and medical billing. Further, the time gap between their initial training session and the date that they begin using the EMR software with real patients is often small. This makes a clinic’s initial EMR software training super important.


In this article, we’re going to glance through Practice Perfect’s initial training process.


Scheduling EMR software training


The ‘Scheduler’ is a central component of any EMR software. It determines your clinic’s hours of operation, your scheduled treatment providers, and whether or not your patients arrived, cancelled, or completed their scheduled appointment. As such, the ‘Scheduler’ is one of the first things that you’re introduced to during your training sessions.


It’s very important for the administrative and front desk staff to have a good grip on the ‘Scheduler’ because they’re probably going to be the first point of contact for your patients.


Clinical documentation EMR software training


Clinical documentation is another one of those pillars supporting the weight of EMR software. In fact, it wouldn’t even be right to call it EMR software if it didn’t include a clinical documentation feature.


Clinical documentation is central to your patients’ recovery process. Things like progress notes (SOAP notes) provide healthcare practitioners with insight into patients’ recovery process and can help them identify them what’s working, and what isn’t. Additionally, certain claims can be denied on the grounds that the clinical documentation is incomplete, and is directly related to billing and claims submissions.


Billing and claims submissions EMR software training


Billing and claims submission is the lifeblood of your clinic’s revenue generating activities. Your clinical staff needs to know how to bill patients for the correct treatment. Your administrative staff needs to know how to invoice these patients and collect upfront payments from them. And your management and billing staff needs to know how to submit claims to insurance carriers and clearinghouses for reimbursement. All of these stages, and more, are covered in our EMR software training.


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