Top 5 Questions: Am I Locked Into A Contract?

One of the most common questions we’re asked by our potential clients is whether or not they’re locked into a fixed term contract. In fact, many software vendors will dish out hefty fines if you ever decide to prematurely cancel a contract. But you’ll be pleased to know that this is not how things work around here.


Practice Perfect is a subscription based service. Charges are issued on a month-by-month basis. This type of payment structure gives clients the freedom to cancel their subscription at any time, and without any penalty.


If you’ve spent some time comparing your EMR software options, you’ll know that many EMR software solutions, particularly web-based EMR, will leave you high and dry if you decide to leave them.


To give you an example: I was shopping around for a certain graphic design software package a few months ago. At length, I found a software vendor that had exactly what I needed. So, I inquired about their pricing and they provided me with two options. I could either:


A) Commit to a year-long contract that required me to pay a monthly subscription fee. If I ever wanted to cancel my subscription prematurely, I’d be required to pay out half of the contract’s remaining amount.




B) Pay for the service on a month by month basis, and pay an additional premium on top of that monthly charge and retain the freedom to cancel my subscription at any time.


The software provider setup their system in such a way that I was going to have to pay a pretty penny regardless of the payment structure that I chose.


These types of subscription models don’t leave users with many options. And as consumers, we’ve grown complacent, and hassle-free approaches to contracts have become a foreign concept.


So remember, should you ever wish to discontinue your subscription to Practice Perfect, you won’t have to break the bank. And on top of that, you will retain access to the software forever.

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