Update: Practice Perfect Integrates with TELUS Health to Become eClaims Enabled

For almost a year, Practice Perfect’s programmers have been working tirelessly to integrate our software with the TELUS Health eClaims system. At long last, their hard work has come to a close. Our clients, along with their patients, can begin reaping the benefits of this brand new feature.


TELUS Health eClaims benefit clinics


Prior to Practice Perfect’s eClaims integration, users who wished to electronically submit their claims to TELUS Health were required to input the same information twice—once in Practice Perfect, and once in the eClaims online portal. But today, clinics are now able to easily submit their TELUS Health eClaims through Practice Perfect and immediately determine whether or not a patient’s claim was approved or denied, and how much compensation they’re eligible to receive.


TELUS Health currently works with 10 major insurance companies across Canada who cover a total of 85% privately insured Canadians. Individuals receiving coverage from these insurers, and attending a clinic that’s using Practice Perfect for their claims submission, stand to gain the most from this our integration with the TELUS Health eClaims system. In fact, it’s possible that Practice Perfect’s compatibility with TELUS Health will be a deciding factor for patients when choosing between two clinics.


Click here to schedule a live one-on-one demo and learn more about this exciting new integration. 


TELUS Health eClaims benefit patients


Our integration with TELUS Health eClaims not only reduces patients’ out-of-pocket costs; it also eliminates the hassle of patients paying for treatment on their own dime, and submitting claims online on their own time. Now Practice Perfect can facilitate claims submissions to eClaims participating insurers and predetermine whether or not a patient’s claim will be approved or denied within minutes. Further, they can know the exact dollar amount of coverage that they’re eligible to receive. The only thing that these patients will ever need to pay out-of-pocket is their deductible.


“The fact that patients will no longer have to pay out-of-pocket for their treatment is a huge selling point for our clients,” said Steve Presement, Founder and President of Practice Perfect. “We look forward to dramatically streamlining the reimbursement process for physical rehabilitation clinics across Canada, all thanks to the TELUS Health eClaims service.”

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