Hosted Vs. Cloud-based EMR Systems: What’s the Difference?

When choosing a new EMR system, you’re faced with a lot of questions. Chief among them is whether or not you would like to use a cloud based or a hosted server. In this article, we’re going to explain the difference between the two of them.


What is a hosted EMR system?


When you host your EMR system, it means that you are storing all of the data on your computer. In essence, one computer is designated the server, and on the server there is a database file. The database file is where all of your data lives.


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On each of the other computers in your facility, a workstation is installed. These workstations are then linked to the server, and are constantly sending and receiving data. But despite the fact that both the server and the workstations require software to be installed, the data on the server can still be accessed from outside of the facility—or from anywhere in the world, for that matter.


The reason many clinics opt to go with a hosted EMR system is because it allows them to take ownership of their data. The same cannot be said for cloud-based EMR systems.


What is a cloud-based EMR system?


A cloud-based EMR system is an EMR system where the client relies on a third party vendor to host the software for them. In many cases, a web browser is used to access their application. However, there are some drawbacks to cloud-based EMR systems.


For one, if there is ever an internet outage in the clinic, they will not be able to access the EMR system. Secondly, the data does not belong to the clinic. If they choose to part ways with the EMR system, there is a possibility that they will lose access to their data. And what happens if the company goes under, or a disgruntled employee decides they want payback? These are also circumstances where a clinic can lose access to their data.


In any case, we encourage you to learn more about the pros and cons of hosted and cloud-based EMRs. Many of the benefits of cloud-based EMR systems can also be found in hosted solutions—without any of the risks.


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