The Top 5 Reasons Why Your EMR Software Needs to Have Integrated Reporting

There are a lot of practice management applications out there, but not all of them come with integrated reporting. In this article, we’re going to provide you with the top 5 reasons why your practice management app needs to have integrated reporting.


1) Keep track of your revenue


Practice Perfect comes equipped with a number of financial reports that are designed to help you keep track of your revenue. Whether it’s a daily reconciliation report or you’re doing your month end, Practice Perfect gives you the reports you need to glean these numbers from the app.


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Because all of your treatment and service charges, invoices, and payments are entered into Practice Perfect throughout the day, you’re able to easily consolidate that information. This gives you a clear idea of what’s been charge, how much has been paid, and what’s still owed.


2) Keep tabs on your providers


Keeping tabs on your providers can be a full time job—but Practice Perfect’s integrated reports help make that job a little easier. One particular report is called the provider performance summary. It logs things like the


To learn more about the provider performance summary, check out this blog post.


Practice Perfect also includes some pretty intuitive ways to track compensation for your providers as well. Click hear to learn more.


3) Identify patients who have ‘fallen off’


The ‘Patient Fall-off Report’ is easily one of the most valuable reports contained in Practice Perfect. In essence, it highlights who are still listed as active clients, yet, have not been to the facility for treatment in a certain number of days, and have no future appointments. This can prompt you and your staff to get in touch with them before they completely fall-off!


4) Easily export contact information


Having an integrated reporting system in your EMR is important because you need to be able to easily export contact information from the application. Practice Perfect allows you to do this using the ‘Client Listing Report’. Among the various patient details in this report is their email addresses. From there, getting in touch with your patients en masse is very easy.


5) Better understand referral sources


We all know that the vast majority of patients who arrive at a rehab facility are there because they’ve been referred by a physician. A lot of times, clinics will spend effort cultivating these relationships with physician offices. And in turn, they’re supplied with a steady stream of patients.

In Practice Perfect, you’re able to log the referral source of your patients. Later on, you can run a ‘Referral Trend Report’ to see where the patients are coming from, and whether or not the referral sources that you walked hard to earn are still supplying you with traffic.

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