Event: Wired Client and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society 2019 Conference (HIMSS)

Wired Client recently had its very own coming-out-party. And like most parties, the venue tends to play an important role in its success. So where did we choose to host Wired Client’s coming-out-party? Naturally, we chose America’s largest healthcare technology show–the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society 2019 Conference–also known as HIMSS.


HIMSS is where all types of healthcare technology vendors, from medical imaging technologies to patient outreach tools like Wired Client, gather to showcase their new products and services. However, you won’t find many therapists or individual practitioners at the show.


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Most of HIMSS attendees are executives and board members of big hospitals and health networks. You’ll also find big technology companies like Microsoft and Amazon. You’ll even see big hospital EMR systems like Epic and Cerner. It felt a little surreal to have a booth alongside them. But things get really interesting when you begin to look at some of the smaller, lesser-known products and services like Wired Client.


Our reception at HIMSS was very positive. All throughout the show, people would stop by our booth the learn more about Wired Client and what we do. There were even a few times they asked to be demoed right on the spot. Nearly everyone could agree upon the fact that there’s merit in keeping in contact with patients when they’re outside of the clinic–especially when this contact is facilitated by something as easy and intuitive as a simple text message.


Take a look at our booth in the picture below:


At all of these trade shows, it’s important to have some kind of giveaway. Ideally, the giveaway will be related to the product or service that you’re offering, and it will be something of genuine value that the recipient will want to keep. And, of course, it should feature your branding when appropriate. This raises the question: What did Wired Client bring? We brought along some black wool gloves with the Wired Client logo emblazoned on them. But the really cool part about them was the fingertips–they were designed to work with a touch screen. And being that Wired Client is all about text messaging, it seemed like a natural fit.


All said, our coming-out-party was a great success and we’re excited to see what comes next!

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