How EMR Software Helps You Spend More Time Treating Patients – Part 2

Therapists who are using EMR and clinical management software in their clinics are leveraging it to increase the amount of time they’re spending with patients. In Part 2 of this miniseries, we’re going to take a look at a few methods that your peers have been enabled to do that by using Practice Perfect EMR.


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Easy Remote Access


In 2017, therapists are in need of an EMR system that’s flexible. A true sign of its flexibility is its ability to be accessed from multiple devices.


With Practice Perfect, there are a few different ways that you can access the software from outside of the clinic. The first way of doing so is by having our Support Department enable the web version for you. This grants you to access all the ‘Scheduler’ and all of your clinical notes, regardless of the device you’re using. A lot of therapists who like to travel with their iPad have found this feature to be particularly helpful.


The second way of accessing Practice Perfect from outside of the office is by enabling remote access. Through this method, you can install a workstation on your home computer or laptop. This gives you access to the entire software suite and all of its features.


If you’re a user, contact the Support Department today to begin setting up web and remote access—at no extra cost.


Easy Billing


Many clinics would prefer to have a third-party company handle all of their medical billing and claims submission. But there are a significant portion who prefer to handle this on their own. And for those who use Practice Perfect, there are a number of ways that this is made easier.


To begin, when you enter information about a patient’s coverage in Practice Perfect, you’re able to track it—right down to the last dime. Allow me to provide you with an example of when this will come into play: if a patient is required to pay a co-pay, you won’t have to waste your time looking up their coverage details because it’ll be prominently displayed in the in the ‘Key Patient Information’ section.


Tips and Tricks: Using the ‘Key Patient Information’ Section.


Easy to Scale


The most proven way to treat more patients is by staffing more providers. Assuming your referral sources are coming through, and your marketing materials are reaching your target audience, then you’ll have no shortage of patients to treat. Naturally, you’ll need to add more treatment providers and therapeutic assistants to your ranks.


It can be difficult to welcome new employees into the fold when you don’t have a pre-defined role for them to play. Practice Perfect makes this simpler by allowing you to create ‘Security Roles’. These are essentially templates for user accounts that you can customize the permissions for.


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Another way Practice Perfect helps scale is through the virtue of our model. A lot of EMR software vendors charge their users per provider. We don’t think that this is fair when you consider how many clinics employ part-time therapists—and you shouldn’t be penalized for granting someone an opportunity.


With Practice Perfect, the only thing that matters is the number of ‘concurrent users’ that your license includes. You may create as many, or as few, user logins as you like. The only thing that matters is how many people are using the software at the same time.


Well, we hope you enjoyed Part 2. Stay tuned for the third and final instalment in our series!

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