News: Practice Perfect EMR is Celebrating World Backup Day!

What would you do if you lost everything—all of your emails, all of your photos, and even all of your contacts? While 83 percent of us own a computer, and 89 percent of us own a mobile phone, only 25 percent of us are taking measures to protect our data. And of course, the best way to safeguard your data is by performing daily data backups.


March 31st marks World Backup Day. This independent initiative seeks to raise awareness about the perils of data loss, and encourage people to make an effort to protect themselves, and their data.


Horror Stories


At Practice Perfect EMR, we’ve heard our fair share of horror stories from clients who have failed to perform their daily data backups. There have been cases where a clinic’s computer was targeted by ransomware. We’ve also heard about a clinic’s computer equipment being stolen from under their noses. In both cases, the clinics were pretty much out of luck because they were hosting their own servers—and this meant that it was their responsibility to perform their own data backups—except they weren’t.


Data Backup Solutions


It isn’t uncommon for clinics to lose their data. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a reality for anyone storing data on computers. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your data.


We recommend that regardless of your EMR software or operating system, you perform a redundant data backup. What this means is that you should be using more than one method to back up your data. For example, you can get in the habit of creating a local backup to a USB flash drive, and use an automated cloud backup service.


For more information about how to backup your Practice Perfect EMR database, click here.


An Offer from DataHEALTH®


We’ve partnered with DataHEALTH, a company specializing in data backups for the healthcare industry, to offer our clients with a cost-effective solution for their data protection needs. DataHEALTH’s automated data backups provide clinics peace of mind by automatically sending all of their data to the cloud, in real-time, and assisting with the restoration of any missing data when needed.


In honour of World Backup Day, DataHEALTH is offering a complimentary local backup configuration until April 1, 2017 (a $25 value).


So, on March 31, don’t be an April fool—backup your data today!