How to Add New Services to Your Clinic

There are many rehabilitation clinics that started out solely as physical therapy clinics. But as their client base grew, people began asking about other services. They may have a grandparent who is recovering from a stroke and requires occupational therapy. Or a friend of theirs has a young child who is coping with a speech impediment and requires the help of a speech language pathologist. But no matter the case, it is in the interest of the clinic and their community to add new services. So in this article, we’ll be taking a look at how easy it is to add new services to your clinic and become a multi-disciplinary clinic when you use Practice Perfect.


Hiring new therapists


The first step in adding new services to your clinic is hiring a qualified professional capable of performing said services. Many clinics will hire a part-time staff member before fully committing to them—and Practice Perfect makes adding these new staff members very simple.


First of all, you don’t need to pay anything extra to create a new account for your staff members, regardless of whether they’re part-time or full-time. Practice Perfect’s model is based on the number of concurrent users (i.e. the number of individuals who can login to Practice Perfect at the same time). That said, if your new occupational therapist or your new SLP is only at the clinic a couple times a week, you won’t need to worry about shelling out some cash just to give them access to your EMR.


Another thing to consider is how much access to the system you’re willing to give them. For instance, you might not want your part-time therapists knowing all the details of your treatment revenue. But depending on your EMR, defining your new therapists’ permissions can be quite easy.


Creating new treatment and service codes


A great reason for adding new services to your clinic is being able to charge money for those treatments and services. In Practice Perfect, these treatment and services charges are represented by ‘Fee Codes’.


Click here to watch our tutorial on how to enter treatment and service charges.


When creating new ‘Fee Codes’, you’re able to enter a number of details regarding that treatment or service charge. For example, you can choose the rate, be it hourly, per visit, per unit, a fixed rate, etc. You can also choose the authorized providers who can furnish these treatments.


In America, most treatment and service charges are based on CPT codes. That said, in the American version of Practice Perfect, we’ve included all of the fee codes for you. When you decide to begin offering new PT, OT, or SLP services, the support department can assist you with configuring the new codes.


Billing for your new services


The final step in adding new services to your clinic involves billing for those services. Depending on whether you’re a cash-based clinic, or you’re working with a diverse group of insurance carriers, your billing process may be drastically different.


If your clinic regularly submits claims to insurance carriers on behalf of your patients, it’s best to contact the insurance carriers directly and learn more about the reimbursement for your new services.

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