Choosing Your Speech Language Pathology Clinic’s EMR Software

If you’ve spent any time searching for a new EMR system for your speech language pathology clinic, you’ll have quickly realized that this is no easy feat. On the surface, many EMR software options will appear to come complete with all of the bells and whistles. But it isn’t until you spent a significant amount of time reviewing the EMR software (and in some cases, actually using it), that you realize this simply isn’t the case. So in this article, we’ll be providing you with some tips for choosing your speech therapy EMR software.


Create a list of your must-have features


It’s a golden age for SLPs in search of EMR software for their clinic. Vendors are offering more features and integrations than ever. But have you ever considered which features you need to have, versus which features are nice to have?


In order to choose the best practice management software for your SLP practice, create a list of all the features you need to have. Whether you’re prioritizing scheduling, billing, clinical documentation, marketing tools, or a slick interface, try to rate these features in order of importance. Then create a short list of all the EMR software vendors offering your must-have features, and take it from there.


Will you be customizing the EMR?


It’s no surprise that no two SLP clinics operate the same—so why should they be confined to using the same templates? When choosing your SLP practice management software, try choosing one that offers ample opportunities for customization.


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Customization takes shape in many different ways. It can mean anything from editing your invoice formats and services charges, to customizing your progress notes and evaluations. That said, try to find an EMR that offers some of this flexibility.


Terms and Conditions


What are the terms and conditions for your SLP EMR software? Are you locked into a long term contract? Are you charged a bunch of money upfront to get started? Will you retain access to your data if you decide to leave? Try not to get swept up by the bells and whistles and ask these very important questions before making any commitments.

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