The Top 5 Accelerated Learning Center Videos

5) How to upgrade a ‘Workstation’



How to upgrade a ‘Workstation’ is the first Accelerated Learning Center video that we created. Regular upgrades are a signifier of a progressive software package. Generally speaking, a company that is continuously striving to improve their product is a company that you should align yourself with.


4) How to install a ‘Workstation’



Whenever we sign up a new client, they’re very eager to install the software and test it out for themselves. As such, we needed to create a tutorial video to show them the precise steps for installing a workstation. The ‘How to install a ‘Workstation’’ video remains one of our most popular Accelerated Learning Center videos to this date.


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3) How to apply unapplied payment(s)



One of Practice Perfect’s best-loved features is its ability to log payments and financial transactions from both patients and payors. In some cases, patients or their payors may pay for the treatment in advance (i.e. an ‘on account payment’). If his happens, the money will be saved on their profile as an ‘unapplied payment’. This video demonstrates of Practice Perfect users can apply those payments against treatment or service charges.


2) How to load custom MS Word forms into Practice Perfect



Clinical documents are the backbone of many clinics. Whether they be physical therapy, occupational therapy, or even speech therapy facilities, they all share the sane need for an EMR system that allows them to store clinical documents directly on their patients’ profiles. Not only do clinical documents enable clinics to keep track of a patient’s medical history, but it they wouldn’t be able to submit certain claims without the proper documentation to back them up.


1) How to create custom MS Word forms



Before users can store documents on their patients’ profiles, they need to know how to create them. To date, ‘How to create custom MS Word forms’ is the most popular video in the Accelerated Learning Center. But did you know that you’re also able to create custom documents directly within Practice Perfect? Stay tuned for our upcoming video on creating custom clinical documents in Practice Perfect.

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