Event: Practice Perfect’s 2016 PPS Conference Recap



Once a year, thought leaders from across North America gather to discuss the latest trends affecting private practice clinics. This event is known as the PPS Annual Conference, and last week I was privileged enough to attend it.


The 2016 PPS Conference took place at the Wynn in Las Vegas. It featured nearly 1,000 attendees, and more than 150 unique exhibits. For three jam-packed days, attendees would have a chance to learn more about the exhibitors and what they had to offer, and attend a variety of seminars, too.


We arrived on Wednesday afternoon, even though the exhibition hall would not be open to attendees until Thursday.  The energy in the meeting space was palpable. When I walked across plush red carpets and craned my neck to marvel at the ornate ceilings, I knew that this trip promised to be as informative as it was fun.


On Thursday afternoon, our team met up around noon to put the finishing touches on our booth. The attendees began filtering into the hall just as we were flipping the final switches into the ‘On’ position. But it wasn’t long before the event organizers began rolling out the lunch tables. Naturally, this was an exciting time for all in attendance–who doesn’t love food?


We were greeted by familiar faces throughout the day. Many of our current clients leapt at the opportunity to come say “Hi”. It was a great opportunity for me, too, as I hadn’t had a chance to directly interact with our clients prior to this.


It was also neat to meet some of the individuals whose content I’m familiar and put a face to the name. For instance, you may have heard about our recent partnership with PTPN. Or perhaps you’ve read one of our articles about Medicare and CPT codes, which wouldn’t be possible with the help of Gawenda Seminars and Consulting. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw that both of their booths were within arms’ reach.


Friday morning gave us another opportunity to setup shop in the exhibit hall and meet with attendees. I also had a chance to wander around the exhibit and check out what was going on at some of the other booths. I think that I was most impressed by the AlterG’s Anti-Gravity Treadmill. This state of the art machine could have been torn from the pages of a science fiction novel.


While Saturday was reserved for the trip home, I felt like I had squeezed a lot out of my time there. And aside from that, 2 full days in Las Vegas is like 2 full weeks anywhere else in the world. Check out some of our pictures from the event below:



Did you see Practice Perfect at the 2016 PPS Conference? Let us know in the comments section below.

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