The Wired Client Beta is Underway!

We’re in the process of developing a brand new companion app that aims to improve your relationships with patients. More specifically, it provides you with an automated way to engage in a conversation with them while they’re outside of the clinic.


Click here to watch our Wired Client tutorial videos.


Wired Client seeks to improve your relationships with patients through the use of highly-customizable text message templates. Once assigned to a patient, they’re sent out automatically without you needing to do anything. As soon as the condition is met, whether it be their fifth visit, a discharge, or a cancelled appointment, Wired Client is going to send out the corresponding message template.


Because of the link to Practice Perfect, you will not need to worry about double-entry whatsoever. A plethora of patient information is sent to the Wired Client, such as their basic contact information, next appointment, primary provider, visit count, and more.


A number of Practice Perfect users have leapt at the opportunity to be beta testers for the Wired Client app. They recognize a need for a more effective way to communicate with patients. More so, they recognize the need a tool that helps to quickly and easily communicate with patients, without sacrificing the personal touch—and this is exactly what the Wired Client is capable of.


So, if you’re interested in participating in the beta, all you need to do is let us know. The Wired Client Beta is FREE OF CHARGE. 


And to see how Wired Client works, we recommend checking out the Wired Client Webinar that we hosted this summer. It’ll give you an opportunity to see exactly how it works, as well as learn more about some of the practical applications of the platform.


Watch the Wired Client Webinar below:


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