Coping with COVID-19: Tools to Help You Reopen Your Clinic

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It’s been a few months since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. By all accounts, outpatient rehabilitation clinics are making changes to their policies and procedures to help their staff and patients cope with COVID-19 regulations. But as your practice management system, we want to provide you with the right tools to help reopen your clinic responsibly and get back to providing your patients with the care they need.


COVID-19 Questionnaires


One of the resources Practice Perfect has been offering clinics for some time now is access to online patient intake forms. These questionnaires give clinics an easy way to digitally collect patient information. Needless to say, it’s been a huge step for clinics on their quest to go paperless. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have all been forced to take various measures to adapt, and clinics have found another use for these digital forms.


Some recent jurisdictions require that patients complete a questionnaire before entering a clinic. Do they have a fever? Have they travelled recently? Are they experiencing any COVID-related symptoms? These are all important questions to ask before admitting a patient to your clinic, but how does one easily and efficiently collect this information from their patients?


Clinics could call incoming patients prior to their appointment, or interview them when they arrive at the clinic, however, it would be much easier to send a link to a form by text or email prior to an appointment. Patients could complete the form on their own time, sign it and submit it directly to the clinic, saving a significant amount of time per appointment.


To see a sample of the online patient intake form, click here. Bear in mind that our online forms are completely customizable.


Other clinics have chosen to include a link to the COVID questionnaire in their automated appointment reminders. This enables patients to complete the form on their own time before they set foot in the clinic.


Beyond that, clinics are using Wired Client to communicate all types of important information about their clinic—like when they’re temporarily closing, reopening or making changes to their services.

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COVID-19 Screening Form in Practice Perfect


While having the option for patients to fill out a form online prior to visiting your clinic is helpful, we understand that there are clinics who might prefer to do their COVID-19 screenings in person. This is why we created a custom COVID screening process in the Practice Perfect software. Now you can screen patients for symptoms when they arrive, and in doing so, save a copy of the form in their client profile.


For more information on how to access this form, contact the support department today.

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Keeping in Contact with Text Messaging


Practice Perfect created Wired Client automation so that clinics would have a way to keep in touch with their patients through automated text messaging. Initially, the software was designed for customizable welcome messages, follow-up text messages, holiday greetings, and appointment reminders, however recently clinics have been getting creative with their use of the program.


Many clinics require patients to wait in their cars while they sanitize the treatment areas in between sessions. They want patients to text them when they arrive, and they want to respond to patients when they’re ready for them to enter. This is now possible with the Wired Client software’s new feature. In fact, users can even customize the app so that it automatically replies when a patient texts you.


Click here to book a demo of the Wired Client.


These are just a few of the ways that Practice Perfect is helping clinics cope with COVID-19. But you can rest assured that as the needs of our clients change, we will adapt with them.


Stay safe!

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