The Practice Perfect Press: May ’23

Welcome to the May edition of our monthly e-newsletter! In this issue we discuss our ownership stake in Clinical Billing Solutions, talk about the reasons why you should be using our FREE Client Portal, and provide you with a recording of our telehealth webinar with Coviu.

Our Latest Release

Practice Perfect’s latest official release is Version R617. For more information about the updates and changes included in this release, click the link here.

EXCITING NEWS: Practice Perfect Acquires an Ownership Stake in Clinical Billing Solutions

Earlier this week, we officially announced that Practice Perfect has acquired an ownership stake in Clinical Billing Solutions–a medical billing company based out of Orange, California–that’s been using Practice Perfect exclusively for more than a decade to manage clinics’ revenue cycles.

To read the full press release and learn more about this exciting new development, click the link here.

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Our FREE Client Portal

Practice Perfect’s FREE Client Portal continues to receive regular updates and added functionality. It’s our goal to make online interactions between patients and your clinic more fluent. Here’s how:

Clients Can Request Appointments

If your clients are asking to schedule their appointments online, they can with the Client Portal. But rest assured that you have the ability to control whether they are added to your scheduler automatically, or if they have to be approved by your staff beforehand.

Clients Can Upload and Download Documents

If you’re in need of a HIPAA/PIPEDA to exchange documents with your clients, we’ve got you covered. The Client Portal includes an intuitive feature that allows you to make client documents in Practice Perfect downloadable by your patients, and provides them with a way to upload documents directly into their Client Profile.

Clients Can Pay Their Bills Online

This is hands down the biggest update to the Client Portal yet! We’re working with the team from Global Payments Integrated to help clinics accept online payments from their patients. Remove the barriers between your patients and their bills with this handy new feature.

To get access to the Client Portal, click here to get in touch with us.

Replay: Catch Our Telehealth Webinar with Coviu Here

We teamed up with the folks from Coviu to present a webinar about the best practices for offering telehealth in your clinic, how to create digital workflows that mirror your physical practice, and how the Practice Perfect/Coviu integration works.

If you weren’t able to attend but still want to learn more, then you’re in luck. Click here access a recording of the webinar today.

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