To make changes to anything about a Physician, you must first bring a Physician to the screen. To do so, click on Physicians on the Side Bar or click on Physicians from the Operations drop-down menu. The All Physicians View will appear at which point you must find and click on the actual Physician that you wish to edit. The Physician Detail View will then be displayed.


Make the necessary changes to the record remembering to use TAB to move forward between fields and SHIFT TAB to move backwards. The changes that you make are recorded as you make them.



Deleting a Physician:


To remove a Physician along with their accompanying information, you must begin in the All Physician listing. Flag the Physician in question, and click on the Wastebasket  icon. You will be asked to confirm your intention and, if confirmed, the Physician will be moved into the ‘holding area’ for deleted items.



Retrieving a deleted Physician and their information


To retrieve a deleted Physician, click on Deleted Items from the Side Bar.


The Deleted Items screen contains a list of virtually everything you have ever deleted from the system with the exception of individual transactions (eg; services, invoices & payments), clinical notes/documents and scheduled appointments. You will notice that deleted Clients, Incidents, Physicians, Other Contacts, Payment Methods, Fee Codes, etc, may all exist in this list.


To retrieve a specific Physician (or any piece of information), flag the Physician in question and click on the Retrieve  icon. The Physician, and all of its associated information, will be retrieved.

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