The Practice Perfect Press: October ’23

Welcome to the October edition of our monthly e-newsletter! In this issue we discuss an upcoming video series, new features for Wired Client, and where we’ll be heading this conference season.

Our Latest Release

Practice Perfect’s latest official release is Version R627. For more information about the updates and changes included in this release, click the link here.

Practice Perfect Presents: A New Series of Bite-Sized How-To Videos

If you’re a Practice Perfect user, there’s a good chance that you or your colleagues have watched some of the tutorial videos in our Learning Center. These videos are a great resource for someone new to Practice Perfect because they take a deep dive into our various features. But for our more seasoned users, we’re producing a series of short how-to videos called Practice Perfect Presents.

In this brand new video series, we’ll be offering insights into features like how to process online intake forms, how to text clients from within Practice Perfect, and how to run reports that highlight key data points such as provider performance and revenue trends.

If you’re receiving this newsletter, that means you will automatically receive these videos directly in your inbox, as well. And if you have any other colleagues who would like to receive them, visit our website and enter your email in the pop-up banner.

Under Development: New Wired Client Features Coming Soon

We’re excited to announce that in the coming months, we’ll be releasing a number of new Wired Client features. See below for more details about what we have in store:

Automated Voice Messages: We’re currently exploring automated voice messaging capabilities! If your clients would prefer a voice message, or you’d like to supplement your appointment reminder text messages, then this feature is for you.

Send Test Messages: Have you ever wondered what your message will look like when it reaches a phone? We’re adding a feature that allows you to send a test message to a phone number of your choice and preview your message.

Custom Import UI: We now offer a custom import feature for Wired Client users who are not using the Practice Perfect API, and in a coming update, we will be adding a new user interface element where you’ll be able to preview the list of clients included in the import, as well as assign a Campaign to them at that time.

Improved Error Logging: And last but certainly not least, we’ll be adding additional error logging to the Logs, specifically for messages that are sent to landlines or unreachable phone numbers.

If you haven’t already, check out the Wired Client here.

Conference Season is Upon Us!

There comes a time every year when the Practice Perfect team hits the road for a few days. This year, we’ll be heading to the following conferences.

The 17th Annual Orthopedic & Neuro Rehab Summit in Las Vegas, NV

The 2023 ASHA Convention in Boston, MA

One of our favourite parts about these trips is the opportunity to meet with our clients face-to-face, so if you find yourself at either convention, be sure to pop by our booth to say “Hello!”.

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