Tips for Marketing Your Multi-Disciplinary Clinic

Marketing is all about placing your company’s strengths on a pedestal for the world to see. In the case of a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation clinic, there are many different strengths that you can speak to—especially when your treatment staff represents a variety of disciplines. In this article, I’m going to share a few tips for marketing your multi-disciplinary rehabilitation clinic.


Marketing for chiropractors


Multi-disciplinary clinics that offer chiropractic services are at an advantage when it comes to marketability. Depending on the nature of  the injury, chiropractors can play a key role in the patient’s treatment plan. For instance, if they’ve been injured in an auto-accident, they may suffer from whiplash, and are looking for a short-term solution to alleviate their pain.


When you’re working at a multi-disciplinary clinic, try mentioning the specific situations where seeing a chiropractor will benefit the patient in your advertising materials. We’ve found that this works particularly well in social media marketing where potential patients are keen on discussion.


Marketing for physical therapists  


When people shop different products and services against each other, they pay attention to what people have to say about them. Whether it Google My Business reviews, comments left on your Facebook Page, or client testimonials that you’ve uploaded to YouTube, your potential clients will be relying on the feedback of others to help them make their decision. As such, you should do your best to ensure there’s lots of positive feedback awaiting them when they type your clinic’s name into Google. Marketing your multi-disciplinary clinic in 2016 means that you need to be a little internet savvy, too.


Marketing for speech therapists


The most important part of marketing is knowing your audience. In terms of speech therapists, it’ll be necessary to determine if your patients are primarily children, the elderly, or another distinct demographic. This is the crux of all speech therapy marketing.


Once you’ve identified who your primary audience is, you can craft a marketing campaign that’s geared towards them. For example, if your clinic treats children exclusively, you will want to position your marketing materials in places that are frequented by parents. Conversely, if your clinic aims to help out the elderly, your advertising dollars should be spent in places where seniors are known to visit.


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Occupational therapists


The role of the occupational therapist is to restore functionality, and ultimately independence, to their patients’ lives. Like marketing for speech therapists, marketing for occupational therapists involves identifying your target audience. But since occupational therapy works with such a broad spectrum of patients, identifying your niche can be a little more challenging. That said, belonging to a multi-disciplinary clinic is great marketing in and of itself because you’re practically guaranteed foot traffic and you can count on your other therapists to refer patients to you when your specific skill set is needed.

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