Top 5 Questions: Do All Aspects of the Application Work Together Seamlessly?

All aspects of Practice Perfect were developed in-house. This means that our users will only need to use one application for their scheduling, one application for their billing, and one application for their clinical documentation. Meanwhile, some of the other vendors sell modular software solutions that simply cannot do it all without the aid of other applications.


In Practice Perfect, there’s only one point of entry for your data, and one point of contact for support. You can imagine how frustrating is to be bounced around from one support representative to another when grappling with a sensitive issue, or having to repeatedly enter the same information into separate systems. Double data entry not only leaves a margin for error; entering the same information more than once is a pain in the neck.


Working with multiple software vendors to complete one task is another troublesome issue faced by many healthcare professionals. It opens up room for problems and can They often find themselves in games of cat-and-mouse with multiple software vendors when trying to resolve an issue. You simply cannot guarantee that the vendors, or their applications, will communicate.


Check out the video below to learn about how all aspects of Practice Perfect work together seamlessly:



Stay tuned for next week’s article where we ask whether or not there are any additional costs for all of the core features.