Update: Welcome to the Accelerated Learning Center 1.0

Practice Perfect is proud to present the Accelerated Learning Center 1.o.


The Accelerated Learning Center (ALC) is a series of tutorial videos designed to guide you through the key functions of Practice Perfect. Whether you’re a brand new user who’s setting up Practice Perfect for the first time, or a long time client who’s never quite figured out how to use waiting list, the ALC has something of value for you.


Currently we’re hosting all of the ALC videos on YouTube. As such, we’ve created a playlist called Accelerated Learning Center (see below). In the near future we will be building a dedicated section on our website by the same name, where we will feature all of these videos. In addition to the ALC, we’ll be publishing a mini-series called the Quickstart Guide, geared towards brand new clients who want to hit the ground running.


Conversely, we will also be doing a major overhaul on the Users’ Guide and it will be a major component of the ALC going forward. Regardless of if you’re a visual learner (like myself), or if you prefer to pick your way through text-based tutorials, familiarizing yourself with Practice Perfect has never been easier.


Of course, if you prefer to have a live one-on-one chat with our support department, they can be reached at:


Phone: (877) 510-7473


Email: support@practiceperfectemr.com



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