Top 5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Physiotherapy EMR Software

Most people are familiar with the conventional uses of physiotherapy EMR software, but how can you be certain that you’re making the most of yours? EMR software has grown to be so much more than a place to store patient information. To be blunt, Physiotherapy EMR software has changed everything about the way that clinics operate—right down to the way your office administrator greets new patients as they enter your clinic. So with no further ado, here are our top 5 tips for making the most of your physiotherapy software:



  1. Relationships


A strong relationship is what keeps patients coming back to your clinic. That relationship starts the moment they walk through your door. It helps when your clinic’s office administrator has a complete patient profile at their fingertips. Our physiotherapy EMR software gives you a place to record notes about the patient directly on their client profile, so that no matter who is sitting at the front desk when the patient arrives, they’ll know enough about them to spark a meaningful conversation.



  1. Reminders


It’s 2016—everyone has a million and one things on the go. And when everyone is as busy as they are, little things like physiotherapy appointments can drop off the radar. Don’t discount an EMR software’s ability to send a friendly reminder via email, telephone, or text.



  1. Billing


Billing is the backbone of a good EMR software. A large part of billing deals with submitting claims to payors. It’s important to setup you’re the financial portion of your physiotherapy EMR software properly to avoid having your claims denied, and making your patients pay out of pocket for their treatments.



  1. Exercise plans


As you know, physiotherapy treatment doesn’t stop just because the appointment has ended. Home exercise is an integral part of many treatment plans. Oftentimes, therapists send patient homes with photocopied instructions detailing their motion exercises—and as you can imagine, they aren’t always the most engaging handouts.


Physiotec, one of our addons, seamlessly integrates with Practice Perfect to give your patients access to a library of home exercise videos. They make


Click here to read about some of Practice Perfect’s experience enhancing addons.



  1. Scheduling portals


The internet has ushered in an era of self-reliance. Patients no longer want to call in to a clinic to ask about openings when they can easily look it up online. Some of the best EMR software solutions have clued in to this trend. In response, they’ve created online scheduling portals where they can view any given provider’s schedule and book their appointments themselves. Not only can they easily find a time slot that works for them, but they can also fill out a form briefly describing their condition.

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