Update: Mandatory Software Update for Ontario Clinics that Submit to HCAI

As you know, May 1 marks the release of HCAI’s spring 2016 release system. This update includes several important changes to HCAI’s Ontario Claim Form (OCF). If your clinic is located in Ontario, Canada, this update affects you.


Should you wish to submit OCF-18s, OCF-21s, or OCF-23s to HCAI electronically, you will need to upgrade your Practice Perfect server and workstationsClick here to visit the Practice Perfect Software Release Centre where you can learn more about the specific details of this update. 


If you are unsure of how to update your software, or would like one us guide you through the process, please contact the support department. Alternatively, you can check out our tutorial video about how to upgrade a workstation and server below.


If you would like to download the software yourself, click here to access the Practice Perfect update webpage.


And just a friendly reminder that you need to perform a data backup before attempting to install the software update. Click here to learn more about how to perform a backup.


Practice Perfect strives to provide our clients with the most up-to-date variations of the software. You may have found that we frequently release software updates. Sometimes we update the software to comply changes being implemented by regulatory bodies like HCAI, while other updates incorporate of suggestions made by our clients. Every time we update our software, we do so with the intent of enhancing the user experience.



The Support Department can be reached at:

Phone: (877) 510-7473

Email: [email protected] 

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