The Practice Perfect Press: August ’23


Welcome to the August edition of our monthly e-newsletter! In this issue we invite you to attend a webinar about Practice Perfect’s latest and greatest features, offer a look at what’s to come, and give you a heads up about scheduling feedback calls.

Our Latest Release

Practice Perfect’s latest official release is Version R621. For more information about the updates and changes included in this release, click the link here.

Webinar: The Top 3 Features for Improving Client Engagement

Join us on Wednesday, September 20 at 3:00 pm EST to learn about the ways clinics are using Practice Perfect and its plugins to improve client engagement.

“Can my patients schedule appointments and pay their bills online?”.

“Can we send text messages to clients?”

“Are you able to help me out with my billing?”

These are a few of the questions we receive from clients on semi-regular basis, and we’re beginning to get the sense that not everyone is familiar with the full capabilities of Practice Perfect and our various Plugins. So we’re going to address that in this webinar, and talk about how you can use them to improve client engagement.

From automated texting and patient self-booking to online payments and our billing service, we’re going to leave no stone unturned in this informative webinar.

Space is limited so don’t wait–reserve your spot today using the link here!

On the Horizon: New Practice Perfect Features In Development

During the last several months, our big push has been to enhance the capabilities of the Client Portal. We’ve done so by adding document exchange and online payment features. But now that they’ve been added, we’re turning our attention towards working with our partners to add insurance verification and eligibility to the US version of our software.

We’ll also be revamping the way we track plans of care, as well as billing rules for patients and payors alike. Last but not least, we are implementing some more advanced checks to ensure that treatment and service charges match both appointment lengths and clinical documentation, which will be key to ensuring that fewer insurance claims are denied.

And don’t worry–we’ve started looking into leveraging AI, as well.

So be sure to stay tuned over the coming months while we work on these exciting new developments!

Outreach Calls Coming Soon!

Do you have any feedback or suggestions you’d like to share with us? Make sure you jot them down, because our Client Outreach Specialist will be contacting you soon to schedule a call to discuss your Practice Perfect experience.

If you can’t wait to share your thoughts with us, we invite you to drop a comment in our Suggestion Box. Just click here!

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