'Reminders' are another way of triggering yourself to complete tasks.


'Reminders' pop-up when they are due, like an alarm clock. You do not have to be on particular screen to catch a reminder – they will find you wherever you are. 'Reminders' can be recurring – that is to pop-up at intervals that you setup, once, once per day, once per week, many times per week, the 10th of the month, etc.


'Reminders' can be used for anything that you don’t want to have to lookup to be reminded about. For example, ‘Pay Rent’ could be a reminder that you set up to appear on the 1st of each month. ‘Send Dr. Jones the Nelson report’ could be a reminder you setup with a particular due date. Perhaps ‘Do invoicing’ is something that should come up every Friday. No matter where you are in your computer system, the reminder will find you and pop-up on screen. 'Reminders' can be set to be for yourself, for someone else within your enterprise or for everyone at a specific location, including your own.

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